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To Plan or Not to Plan?

Too many times, I have brides come to me shortly after they get engaged looking for a planner.  They are excited! Overwhelmed with emotion they have all these visions in their head, they want to do so much.  THEN at some point in the consult they say "I don't know how I'm going to do this all"?  
Well ladies, you don't have to. I'm here to tell you that even though you hire a "planner", you can still remain in complete control of  every aspect of your wedding!   You can have good help and plan the entire wedding yourself!!!  
For most couples, their wedding day will be the most expensive day of their life and you might need some guidance when spending this much money. You consult an expert for advice when it comes to buying a home or paying for a vacation, why not the most important day of your life?
The average bride spends 250 hours organizing her wedding - that's equal to 6 full-time working weeks! That's just the AVERAGE.  Could you imagine? That on top of work, family obligations and trying to stay engaged to have the wedding! 

Saving you valuable time isn't the only benefit of using a wedding planner. Wedding planners are NOT only for those couples with enormous budgets. Most couples are on a restricted budget and want to do things right. A wedding planner will help you set a realistic wedding budget, based on how much you have to spend. In most cases, a wedding planner will save you money.  As a matter of fact, some of my most successful events are those where we have to make alot of not much.  I love the feeling of accomplishment of pulling off an event where we were on a really tight budget.  It's a great feeling to see your couple happy at the final production.  That is creativity at its best!  

The prospect of planning your big day can be the most stressful part of a wedding. There may be aspects of your wedding day that you've been dreaming about for a long time, but have no idea where to begin. This is where a wedding planner can become your best planning partner.

Not having the time to plan all the minute details is only one reason to consider hiring a wedding planner. They have a wealth of knowledge about wedding etiquette, handling last minute emergencies and negotiating contracts. They have worked closely with professional suppliers and will recommend the best people for your special day. They can come up with creative solutions to problems you may have not have even anticipated.
However, if you're still nto sure if you should "splurge" for a planner or coordinator, ask yourself a few questions: 
  • Do I have unlimited time to plan my wedding day?
  • Am I comfortable negotiating contracts with caterers, photographers, car hires, florists, stationers, cake makers, etc.?
  • Am I prepared to deal with disagreements about the details?
  • Can I deal with last minute problems that may come up the day of the wedding?
Maybe you realize you don't need a planner necessarily, just some help on the day of the wedding, in that case, you need a Day-Of Coordinator.  Maybe you don't need any of that, you just want personalized attention for You.  Then you need a Personal Bridal Attendant.  Don't let yourself be sold into something you don't want.  It's ok to come back afterwards if you decide you want a planner after-all and add more services. 
Hiring a wedding planner might seem like an extravagant extra, but it could be the best investment you make. Most charge a flat fee, rather than accepting commissions from the vendors. This ensures that your wedding planner is working for YOU and not the suppliers. Personally, I don't ever accept commission from any of my vendors.  I don't want clients to think that I'm referring them to this vendor because I'm getting a kick-back.   Instead, I always ask if you have a specific vendor in mind and if not, then I would suggest a few Entertainment Companies, Photographers, etc. 
It's important that you feel comfortable and confident with the person you choose. Your wedding planner acts on your behalf and you should trust them to help you make the right decisions. When you meet with a wedding planner to discuss your wedding day, there are some essential questions to ask yourself:
  • Will this person push me into decisions I don't want/can't afford, or will they commit to my budget?
  • Do they have a good rapport with the best suppliers (venues, caterers, photographers, etc.) in the area? Are they in a position to negotiate discounts on my behalf?
  • Will they be there personally on the day of the wedding, overseeing the entire event from supervising suppliers to troubleshooting emergencies? 
  • Does this co-coordinator seem excited about my special day, able to make educated decisions, calm under pressure?
Having a planner doesn't mean you hand over your wedding to someone else - unless you want to, of course!  It means HELP.  You want to go with your mom and sister to look at dresses - go right ahead, I won't be insulted!  You want me to come with you to everything?  I'm there! 
Your wedding planner is a creative partner and can offer advice and opinions, in addition to looking after all the practical arrangements. They will help you prioritize, plan ahead, consider risks and always be one step ahead.
Remember, never let yourself get pressured into something you don't need.  You don't want a planner?  You just need consulting?  Just ay so. You can always go back if you feel overwhelmed and add services.
Here's to a GREAT WEDDING! 

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