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Bouquet Preservation
Destination Wedding Close to Home!
Yes, You Have to Tip!
Do I need to go to a Bridal Show?
5 De Mayo Dinner for the Family!


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Bouquet Preservation

I get this question all the time, but most of the time, it’s too late.   Most preservation companies need a reservation from you at least a month in advance.  Why you ask? Well, for starters they need to make sure they have the time for your bouquet.   The preservation process is a time consuming one.   There are several steps involved.   Secondly, some companies will mail you a container to mail the bouquet back in for optimal results.  This is usually a cooler of some sort with dry ice packs that activate before you use them.

Destination Wedding Close to Home!

I find that Wedding Planning seems to hit the ground running right after Winter Holidays.  Just imagine it - you're done with the NYE parties, holiday parties, now what?  Well - now you plan a wedding!  If you're looking for a quick getaway - try to make it out the Outer Banks this January for their annual Wedding Expo!  Here is the link, You won't be dissapointed! 
Love ya -

Yes, You Have to Tip!

           I recently received a call from a return client.   She is having a Holiday gathering - intimate event - no sweat!   Yes, it’s on a Holiday so naturally, there is a holiday rate involved.  Problem?  Yeah - I can’t get anyone to work the event!   Why?   She’s a lousy tipper.   Let me rephrase that - she doesn’t tip!  
           First event she had, we blew her away despite her very demanding expectations.

Do I need to go to a Bridal Show?

While I prepare for my next Bridal Show - it prompted me to write this Blog.  
I get this all the time!  “I don’t need to go to a Bridal Show - I know what I’m doing”.   Yes, sweetheart, you’re right, you know what you want, you have a vision that you’ve envisioned since you dated Johnny in High School and thought HE was the one.   But now you’re a big girl, you've been dating Mr. Wonderful (the real ONE), and now you are engaged to be married.  Congratulations.

5 De Mayo Dinner for the Family!

In Honor of My Heritage, I thought I would give all of you a few tips for a great 5 de Mayo Celebration at home!   So invite a few people over and Enjoy!  
I LOVE LOVE LOVE Mexican food.  But it has to be authentic Mexican food where you can taste the fresh cilantro and different flavors!  My son’s favorite are my taco’s and Grandma’s Salsa Verde!  They are SUPER easy to make and trust me, will be a favorite of your family too! 
Steak Tacos

Backyard Party Ideas!

            During nice weather, parties tend to move from the living room to the backyard. Good Backyard Party Ideas and outdoor entertaining help can make your parties stand out from the rest!
 Probably one of the first bits of advice I can give you is about your time! Keep your individual tasks as simple as possible. At the head of the list of all backyard party ideas is this:
 You never want to ever have to "disappear" from the party at any time because you are off somewhere working away at something for long periods of time.


Engaged couples in New Jersey can win a Wedding Planning Package with a contest sponsored by  "The Party Gods."
The Party Gods is launching a  contest to locate the couple with the "Most Compelling Story," and are seeking couples to share unique experiences about how:
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Good Stress?

Anyone who has worked with me will tell you that the first thing I tell a Bride is that “stress” is a bad word!  LOL  Seriously.  A lot of times all you hear brides say is “omg, I’m so stressed, have to go see venues, I have to go see dresses, I have to go interview DJ’s.  Girls - Girls - Girls!  Getting married is a joyous event.  Don’t treat stress associated with weddings as such a bad thing, it’s “good stress” 
I recently read an article that said “fulfillment brought by good stress may also be experienced on one's wedding day or when completing something challenging yet rewarding”.

To Plan or Not to Plan?

Too many times, I have brides come to me shortly after they get engaged looking for a planner.  They are excited! Overwhelmed with emotion they have all these visions in their head, they want to do so much.  THEN at some point in the consult they say "I don't know how I'm going to do this all"?  
Well ladies, you don't have to. I'm here to tell you that even though you hire a "planner", you can still remain in complete control of  every aspect of your wedding!

Party Tips for the Hostess with the Mostess!

Ibelieve that a good party has to have good  food and good music.  That being said, I don't think you have to slave over a kitchen or at the bar all night to please your guests.   
Not everyone wants a Party Planner for their parties.  Sometimes, you feel that a small event does not require a planner and that you can do it yourself.  I'm here to tell you that you absolutey can, with minimal help from me, or anyone else!  
My hostess tips help you avoid the stress so you can enjoy the party with the guests.