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Wedding Day Coordinator 
So you've decided to shop for your own vendors instead of hiring a full-scale wedding planner... Kudos to you! This is a great way to reduce your budget and to have complete control over your vendor selections.
But now that you've planned the perfect wedding, who will be there on the day of the event to make sure it goes according to your plan? You've picked the perfect location, but who checks to make sure the chairs are set up the way you ordered? To act as the contact point when your vendors arrive? To let ushers know when to start seating? Who lines up your wedding party for their entrances? Who communicates with the wait staff to instruct them to start serving? In a nutshell, who will you rely on to see that everything falls into place?
Too often, brides rely on family and friends to help carry out plans on the day of the wedding. By asking a friend or family member to take on this stressful task, that person will not be able to enjoy the event as a guest and will end up feeling like "event staff." In most cases, your "volunteers" have little experience in this role and end up stressed and frazzled as they try to keep on top of everything that must be done to ensure that the day goes smoothly.
Save your family and friends from this fate! Coordinating a wedding day schedule is a unique experience, and many are novices when it comes to organizing and executing such a logistically intricate event.
As a wedding day coordinator, my function is to make your day as stress-free and smooth as possible. You select your vendors and location, and once you have booked all of the elements we meet to discuss your schedule and to organize the timeline for the wedding. I bring it all together for you!
I handle all of the scheduling logistics, including communication between the videographer, photographer, DJ/emcee, catering staff, and facility contact person. My job is to break down the process for you to make this an easy and enjoyable experience. This releases your family and friends from taking on this position, and allows them to enjoy your wedding as true guests.
Consultations - We meet 6 to 8 weeks prior to your wedding date to go over all of the details of your special day. All weddings are unique; your wedding schedule will reflect the choices you make as a couple. The questions I ask you will help you develop a vision for the day, and together we formulate a plan and timeline. I collect your vendor contact information so that I can communicate with them and inform them of the schedule. I meet with you again 1 or 2 weeks prior to your wedding to go over any changes and to confirm the schedule.
Rehearsal - At the rehearsal, I can suggest choreography and teach every member of your bridal party how they will be walking down the aisle, where to stand, and what to expect. I make the experience pleasant and fun; the goal is for everyone to feel confident and relaxed.
Ceremony - I cue all aspects of the ceremony: Letting ushers know when to begin escorting guests, gathering family and friends to pose for photos, setting up the photo shots, handling emergencies that may arise, acting as a liaison with the ceremony site contact person, communicating with the bride and groom so that they know how much time remains before the start of the ceremony, setting up the bridal party for their entrances down the aisle, and cueing the bridal party so they know when to enter. Before the bride makes her grand entrance, I make sure she has had a sip of water, that her bouquet is in hand, that her train is properly spread out behind her, and that she is as relaxed as possible. Once she begins her walk down the aisle, I become a second set of eyes to your photographer and  videographer to capture the ceremony from that essential angle.
Reception - First, I make sure guests have clear driving directions and a map to the reception site. At the reception, I meet with the head-waiter to confirm the schedule that I will have provided him or her ahead of time. I communicate with the DJ, photographer, and videographer to coordinate their efforts and make sure that special dances, cake cutting, and other activities take place at the ideal intervals and that everyone is aware and in place for each event. I keep everything running according to the plan I created with you, making any adjustments as necessary or at your request.
After the Wedding - I will bring the bride and groom's change of clothes with me to the reception location and even take the wedding gown with me. Either drop it off at the cleaners for preserving or just hang on to it until after the honeymoon, it's entirely up to you. The possibilities of what I can do for you are endless. 
The result? A relaxed, worry-free day - No one (except me!) needs to wear a watch on this special day. Your family and friends are free to enjoy themselves, letting me handle all of the logistics.
Call me today to arrange a free consultation!
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You are the most important part of this process and
I value the relationship we establish and our ability to work together as a team.
Together, we can make your Wedding Day, the most unforgettable experience!