The Party Gods - Personal Bridal Assistant
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Personal Bridal Assistant 
This is by far my most popular package!   Every bride wants be taken care of and this package allows you to be taken care of - exclulsively! 
Everyone is taking care of everything else but the Bride! 
We know how important this day is for you and we cater especially to you, the Bride!  We arrive early at your location and direct as much or as little you want us to - so that you can have a stress-free environment.  Our Bridal Kit is equipped with everything from make-up to candles, candy bars  and cigarettes. It is personally stocked with your favorites. 
We will take care ofanything and everything you need.  Last minute problems, we got you covered!  Your make-up is always flawless - your dress is always puffed - there are no sweat beads on your forehead.  From the location - to the church - to the reception.  We are with you 100% of the way!
Everyone will be on time.   We work with your photographers, wedding party attendants, venue directors, etc., to make sure you are happy and all your concerns are taken care of. 
This package is made to fit every budget!
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